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The testimonials below are just the tip of the iceberg. We have had thousands of very happy customers over the years. If you have any questions before your purchase feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Hi Guys..I bought the e-book last Friday-took me till Sunday to finish it…Even after 6-8 months on here + 11 yrs on ebay…I learned a lot! I got my money back by page 9…Some sections Very Very Frank…Secrets they do NOT want us to find out…So-in my opinion…this book will save u hundreds if not thousands in terms of wasted time, loosing accts,not making sales without it… –as a Veteran Platinum Power Seller..I bought anything I could find when they dumped me…everyday out of action was close to $1,000 in lost revenue..All my goods are bought + pd for..so all my sales are now Profit..If I found this in July + it was offered to me for even $1,000.00- would I have bought it? the answer is yes…The price is less than the cost of a good lunch..Don’t let Ebay ruin your families Christmas…Buy this book + be a Winner! Best Regards + Happy Easter! Ebayhateluv

There is so much information I had to read it twice to absorb it all. This is very well put together. I would say that anyone who is new to getting suspended, this is a MUST READ.

Buy it, read it, live it if you want to get back on and stay on ebay.

I have to add my praise for this ebook as well. It is a great read.
I think that this ebook is for everyone, it is put together very well and has everything in one easy to navigate ebook.

Thanks for the great work, it was well worth the investment!

I’m not a newbie to getting back on eBay and have been suspended a few times. I know how to get back on but staying on is the key. I purchased the book myself cause I honestly don’t have the time to read through the internet and keep up on all the changes going on with eBay. eBay is my 1 source of income. I do not work as I am a SAHM. Husband’s business is being hurt by the economy so I have to do what I can to step up and help. I don’t feel $37 is a lot of money. Hopefully tonight when the kiddos are in bed I can start reading it. LOL

I can certainly vouch for this eBay Stealth. It is wonderful. VERY userfriendly and easy to follow even if you are a beginner or advanced user.

It is in a very easy to follow format and filled with every iota of info. you possibly need to create a new “entity” from start to selling and remaining selling.

Definately worth the very small price–a complete guide for quick and easy reference right at your fingertips as you need it without searching net for questions that have been answered many, many times–a real time saver!!!

Best of all, since ebay and paypal are ever changing their “game plan” and rules, this ebook will update and add new info. as changes occur free of charge with inital purchase.

Honestly–this is the best purchase I made.

the info on the guide is viable for any country. OK, some facts differ between each country but using the facts of the guide are fine for OZ.

when i bought the guide i was skeptical. but now i have 2 ebay accounts (seller accounts) running and am now back up to my previous income, and maybe more soon to come..

THANK YOU ebay stealth…

It is one of the MOST easy to understand ebooks out there!
It is laid out step by step, so even a youngster can do it,, and BELIEVE me, when i tell u this!!
(I have a very bright 10 year old)–thinking he would “help mommy”, he sets up 2 ebay accts, bought a gift card and all at the dollar general store!
>> When i asked him HOW in the world did u do this?? (I didnt scold him)..
He said- Mommy, I read your ebook, and just followed it!!
If a 10 year old can do it… ANYONE can!!
** The downside was… he listed items i have for sale, but being a 10 year old boy, with older brothers in the house–the listings contained swear words!!!
** I figured ebay would link MY OWN accts–so i had his older brother do a chat with ebay–and tell them the accts were taken over and to close them!

Take it from multiple account platinum powerseller ($150k/month sales), this is a really informative and helpful book. The book was well thought out, well presented, and well communicated. The book is not only crucial didactic information but it is written well so it is actually an enjoyable read. I went through it in about 2-hours and enjoyed every minute.

Now, armed with crucial information about eBay and the way they track you and how to get around it, I do not feel that everpresent danger of eBay blacklisting me and losing my livelyhood over something beyond my control. This book, and the ideas inside it allow an ebay seller to take control back into his/her business and his/her life.

Thanks Aspkin and Mike for taking the time to make such a comprehensive manual for us.

Before getting this book, I’d run some auctions and be succesful for about a month before getting suspended.

Since then, I have had no accounts suspended and I’m selling more than ever before. One of my accounts became a Power Seller.

The books may not have all the answers but it gives you an idea on how to maintain an EBay account in good standing.

This book is worth a lot more than I paid for.

I purchased the ebay stealth ebook, It was worth every cent. I am from Canada and there is tons of good info in there for canadians as well. Props goes to everyone who had a hand in writing this. Thanks guys.

Dont hesitate buy this book now!

i thank every1 who put together this book, i’ve learnt sooo much from this book and from this forum infact i would admit that if i’m selling on Ebay right now this is only because of this Book and information shared here on this Forum.

Keep Up the Good Work!!


So I read the stealth book a couple of times already (it’s very good!! Thanks so much to all the contributors to it).

I highly recommend. The info really works.

Everything in 1 place, it gives you a Jump start to get back , and
MOST importantly–stay back on!
Good Luck

btw–you get free updates as well!

Yes the book works wonders!!! I got back on and am still on for about a month with NO problems!!!

Are you Kidding??? it is fabulous!!! not just for ebay, but all things internet!!!

its worth every cent

Hey guys…LOOK–
If u cant afford the price of a small Lunch to get back on Ebay–
then–U probably should find another line of work..
Just my opinion….

FYI–I spent in excess of $1000.00 BEFORE i found eBay Stealth last year—everything i bought was junk.. eBay Stealth was NOT..

AND– I’d bet I can outsell most of you guys…

Although I have only had this book for 24 hours, so have not yet put the suggestions into practice, I have to say I have learned LOADS of more general information that will be useful far beyond eBay adventures and for that alone I would recommend it.

Remember, if you can’t afford it, get it as I did, through trialpay; the authors still get paid and it’ll cost you next to nowt.

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