So, you have an account at eBay, and you’ve built yourself a pretty stable business by selling various items online. And you’re doing great! At the end of the day, you give yourself a huge pat in the back and sleep like a baby, knowing you’ve got yourself a pretty decent source of income, while enjoying the comfort of your own home. Or so you thought.

Stealth AccountsOne day, you just wake up and out of the blue, you get a message from eBay telling you that your eBay account was suspended. You rack your brains trying to figure what wrong could you have possibly done to have received the misfortune of having your account suspended, but you just can’t. Desperate, you try to create another account and you’re back on track once again, and then… Bam! Once again, eBay suspends that account unceremoniously without any kind of explanation. You tried asking for support from eBay. You waited, and kept on waiting, but eBay hasn’t responded to your concern, not even once.

You’re already losing so much money. You want to take things in your own hand but you just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you might have already heard of an eBay Stealth account, but you have absolutely no idea on how to create one? But first, what exactly is an eBay Stealth Account?

eBay uses advanced tools to “sniff out” and actually determine that a certain account and another account is actually created by a single person. An eBay stealth account is an account that bypasses eBay’s systems and passes you off as another person’s, even though that in reality, it was created by the same person! Pretty neat, don’t you think? This is why a lot of people want them. An ebay stealth account allows you to create multiple accounts, thus, allowing you to create a number of businesses and increasing your potential income. So how do you create an eBay stealth account?

You might want to start with eBay Stealth. EBay Stealth is an complete step-by-step guide which contains the techniques and information you need on how to set up an eBay stealth account. Not just that, it also teaches you how to create eBay stealth accounts that lasts and that actually works! Learn effective stealth tactics and avoid getting your accounts linked to each other and get yourself suspended in the process.

But having a copy of this guide doesn’t mean that you have to get cocky and over-confident. EBay has a set of rules that you must follow, and it doesn’t hurt that you follow these rules. Read carefully, and coupled with your eBay stealth account, you’ll be back in business once more.

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